Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy London Carpet CleanersRead the Privacy Policy at London Carpet Cleaners.

We take sole proprietorship and ownership of this website. We value the importance of your privacy over the internet. With our cleaning company, we aim that you have a satisfying and safe online experience with our website.

We advise that you fully read and understand our privacy policy since we meet specific types of information from you. Through our privacy policy, we will be disclosing the type of information that we gather and how we utilize the information which you willingly provide.

How We Gather and Track Your Information

We gather various types of information from you which include details which you provide through optional submission of information which you have willingly provided. This means that you are willing to receive electronic newsletters or surveys which we will be sending you.

To further improve your user experience, we aim to better our content with the help of the surveys which will be sending you on an occasional basis. The results of these surveys are sometimes shared to our sponsors, advertisers and partners within the cleaning company. We never share your willingly provided information to any third party group.

How We Use Your Information

The information which you willingly provided will be used by us to enhance your user experience on our website. This will be used to develop interactive or personalized elements or for the preparation of content which are relevant and useful to you.

Furthermore, we also use the information which you willingly provided to send out newsletters and surveys. These newsletters are sent out on a regular basis and we also occasionally send out special newsletters.

We also use the information which you voluntarily provided in tracking areas of our websites which you like the most and the ones which need further improvement. We do not track all other pages or site that you visit. We are only concerned on the overall functionality of all the pages of our website. This will help us improve the services that we are providing to you. We also keep track of the keywords used as search queries since this is one way for us to determine what your interests are. However, we do not track the exact search terms which are used by each of our user. In short, we can only track the search terms in general.

How Do We Share Your Information

All of the gathered and tracked information, which have been described above are used to improve our website’s content so we can better serve your needs and also aid our advertisers understand the demographics of our clients. Doing this would help in keeping our service free.

We would also like to inform you that we do not and will not share any of your information to third party groups not unless it is required to comply with certain laws or legal issues or in the event that the said information is needed to safeguard the rights and safety of our other users or the public in general.

How Do We Secure Your Information

We make use of secure data networks to protect your information and these networks utilize standard firewall and systems which are password protected. We regularly review our security and privacy policies. This information is also improved when needed and only authorized personnel can access the information which you have provided.

How Can You Opt Out

We always provide options to our users. These options include opting not to receive our electronic newsletters or not to participate in any form of interaction. However, by doing so, the need to gather pertinent information which will make users personally identifiable is greatly increased.


Through the utilization of this site, you are therefore, granting us the collection and utilization of such information. In the event that there is a need for us to change our privacy policy, the changes will be posted on this page so that you will always be up to date with regard to the type of information which we track and gather, how we utilize those information and the specific scenarios which would require us to disclose the gathered information.

If you require more info, feel free to get in touch on 020 8626 7977.