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5 cleaning mistakes that can end your carpet

5 Cleaning Mistakes That Can End Your Carpet

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are so many things that can go wrong. From not knowing how to address a stain to applying inappropriate cleaning products, the longevity of your carpet can be reduced if harmful cleaning methods get involved. Carpets are a gentle flooring solution and special cleaning hacks need to be considered.

Nasty Cleaning Mistakes you have to avoid to Prolong the Life of your Carpet:

Not vacuuming weekly 

Vacuum cleaning the carpet is what prevents dust from staying trapped in the fibres, polluting indoor air. But regular vacuum cleaning has a wonderful impact not only on air quality but also on the condition of your carpet. Dust, as well as dirt particles, can weaken the carpet’s fibres and significantly shorten its lifespan. For a long-lasting carpet, never underestimate the importance of vacuum cleaning. Deal with the job at least once a week to make sure the carpet’s shape has been taken care of.Scrubbing A Carpet Stain

Rubbing a stain 

Rubbing or scrubbing a carpet stain is probably your initial reaction when faced with a mess on your beautiful, expensive carpet. However, removing a carpet stain by applying pressure is a huge mistake. Doing so will only push the spill deep into the carpet’s fibres or spread the stain further. So instead of rubbing a carpet’s stain, remember that you should stay calm and try to gently absorb the spill with a clean towel or paper towels. Once you’ve collected as much of the liquid as possible, you should move on with applying the right cleaning solution. No matter what kind of carpet stain you are dealing with, it is crucial to work gently and apply no pressure on the mess.

Waiting before acting on a stain 

There is no doubt that the longer you wait before cleaning a carpet stain, the more stubborn the mess becomes. In some cases, depending on the type of the spill, you might also end up with a permanent stain. Permanent stains would require replacing the carpet, which is why postponing stain treatment is a big no-go. On the contrary, a carpet mess addressed on time is much more likely to be eliminated from your first try. To improve your reactions to carpet stains, you can gather a few cleaning supplies in a handy bucket and keep that bucket close by. A clean towel, paper towels, a scrubbing brush and your most powerful eco-friendly cleaner should be added to the bucket.Eco Friendly Cleaning Methods

Choosing chemicals 

Eco-friendly cleaning methods continue to gain popularity simply because they are safe for your health and they get the job done. So why choose aggressive cleaning products to maintain your carpet squeaky clean? Unlike chemical-based cleaners, eco-friendly alternatives don’t cause allergic reactions or skin irritation and at the same time, they can handle any carpet issue. To stay on the healthy side, stop using dangerous toxic cleaners and opt for natural ingredients like white vinegar, essential oils and baking soda to rest assured your carpet is super clean. Plus, eco-friendly mixtures are gentle to the colours and fibres of your carpet.

Skipping on a pro service 

Having the carpet professionally cleaned is key to its lifespan. Expert cleaners own the knowledge, as well as the equipment to deep clean the carpet, removing both tough stains and dangerous allergens. If you have never had your carpet professionally treated before, this is a mistake you need to fix right away. Fear not, typically you would have to book an expert service only once or twice per year to extend the durability of the carpet.

Despite their challenging maintenance, carpets remain the cosiest solution for your floors. Just do your best to avoid these cleaning mistakes and your soft carpet will stay in excellent condition for years ahead.

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