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July 27, 2011
Carpet cleaners can restore your old carpet
September 22, 2011
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An explanation of carpet cleaning using the steam process

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning as it is commonly known as is a modern carpet cleaning method of removing dirt, stains and other
pollutants that leaves no product residues behind. Some people have allergic reactions to certain cleansers. There are modern techniques that avoid these chemicals completely. Steam cleaning is a modern innovation of an ancient technology. Steam comes from ordinary water. Once water gets to the boiling point, it has a great deal of power. When you direct that power towards a surface, you can clean and restore that surface easily.

Steam cleaning removes all kinds of dirt from surfaces in a quick and efficient manner. Many times, the original look of the carpet emerges from the dirt and grime after the hot water extraction process. And it requires little effort. Using the right equipment allows the person using it to direct the steam onto the surface. The high-pressure steam blasts through the layers of grime, and dirt quickly. What emerges is the clean surface underneath that you may not have seen for years. Regular carpet cleaning with chemical-based products usually leaves a fine film on the surface. The steam gets rid of those layers of film as well.

Carpet cleaning London is actually cost effective. By getting rid of years of built up dirt, grime, and dust your carpet will look and feel good as new. You will find that the carpet fibres have many years left in them before they’re completely worn out. You will also save money on cleaning products if you simply vacuum clean frequently between scheduled visits from hired carpet cleaners. You will have fewer allergens in the air to deal with, which means you will reduce the amount of allergy medication you and your family may have to take.

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