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How often should you clean area rugs?

How often should you clean area rugs?

If carpet cleaning is something you are not afraid to invest time in, then you are on the right track. There is no way to keep the environment in your home clean and fresh without busting out the vacuum cleaner and removing the accumulated dust from your rugs and carpets.

You are probably wondering how often you should clean area rugs. According to professionals, there are many factors to consider in that regard, so there is no straightforward answer. Check to see if the manufacturer of your rug has some recommended cleaning times.

If not, consider the following to determine this period yourself:

  • Area Rugs CleaningVacuuming times – if your carpets and rugs only experience light soiling, then vacuuming once a week is more than enough to keep them in good shape. However, if you live with your family and there is high foot traffic in the area, you may need to up that time to two. Then there is also the pet factor. If you have pets in the home, it is wise to clean rugs and carpets at least twice a week. Anyone suffering from pet allergies might find the need to clean even 3-4 times per week. For a large home with many people, children and pets around, you can consider daily hoovering, to be sure no spoils lurk in the fibres.
  • Stain/spot cleaning – the general rule is that a stain on the rug should be removed as soon as you notice it. The more you wait, the worse it becomes, as it can set in and become impossible to clean. Make sure you adopt the right technique, which is blotting – applying pressure onto the stained area with a clean cloth/towel, to transfer the stain from the fibres.
  • Professional cleaning – having your rugs cleaned by professionals is a sure way to prolong their life and make sure there are no harmful bacteria, pests and allergens lurking inside the fibres. If you live alone, you can call the pros once every 12 months, or even less often, depending on how much time you spend at home. If you live with others, it is wise to consider professional cleaning every 6-12 months. For large families, experts recommend having the rugs and carpeted areas of the home deep cleaned by pros every 3-4 months.
  • Rotation of rugs – though technically it is not cleaning, rotating your rugs to even out the wear they experience is a great idea. Experts recommend doing so every six months. This way you will prolong the beautiful look of the rug and keep it in top shape for longer. In addition to rotating your rug, you should also learn to rotate the vacuuming pattern. Go in lines and then do a second run in columns to pick up the most dust and debris from the area.

Now that you know how often you should clean all rugs and carpets of your home, you are one step closer to maintaining a healthy environment.

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