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7 carpet cleaning mistakes a company shouldn’t ever do

carpet cleaning mistakes

Professional carpet cleaning is called so for a good reason: it is supposed to be a hassle-free job that takes some of the chores off your shoulders. However, it isn’t unheard of to hire a company that is new to the business and does things in an inexperienced manner.

The most important thing to remember, as a client, is to observe their work and notify them if they are making any mistake. After all, this is your carpet or rug they are cleaning. So they should do things in accordance to your preferences. As you hire a cleaning company to clean your carpets and rugs, be on the lookout if they make any of the following mistakes:

  • Using the wrong spotting agent – if you have a few stains that you want the cleaners to deal with, you have to ensure they have the right solution for the job. Otherwise, they may be helping the stain set in, rather than removing it. Things like gum, oil, adhesives and paint should be treated with a solvent, while coffee, tea and food stains require an acidic cleaner.
  • Applying cleaning methods in an aggressive manner – a stubborn spot may require aggressive scrubbing and brushing. But that is hardly ever the ideal course of action. If a spot isn’t coming off, the best thing to do is change the spotting agent. Otherwise, the carpet fibres may be frayed.
  • Applying solutions without pre-testing the carpet – not all spot removers are safe for carpets. Every carpet should be treated with certain solutions only. Otherwise, it can be discoloured or damaged in another way. Testing a solution on a small area of the carpet is required to ensure safe work can proceed.
  • Starting the job without identifying the main tasks – sure, you have hired the cleaners to sanitise your carpet. But no carpet is the same as the other. The cleaners should first make sure they know what carpet they’re dealing with and what problems they need to address. Such problems include what kind of stains there are and what solutions are needed to deal with the job.
  • Creating moisture without the right temperature – the main issue with moisture is that it creates the so-called ‘wick back’ effect, which leaves chemical residue behind. This, in turn, will at a later point attract more dirt, rendering the cleaning process ineffective.
  • carpet cleaning servicesNot monitoring the hot water extraction process – this type of cleaning requires some control in order to be effective. If the cleaners don’t mind the equipment, they are going to do a poor quality cleaning service, which will leave you disappointed. They will either take too long or not clean the carpet adequately.
  • Not differentiating between maintenance and restoration – maintenance cleaning involves more basic and simple approach, while restoration is a more thorough process. Make sure the company can tell the difference so you aren’t charged a lot for a simple service.

Do monitor the work of the professional cleaners at your home or office. That way you can be sure the carpet cleaning service is delivered properly. That way you will know you get best value for your money.

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