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Carpet cleaning tips for the most common stains

Carpet Cleaning Tips For The Most Common Stains

As you install a new carpet, you will definitely be thinking of how to preserve it. It is a serious investment, which you don’t want to ruin with the accidental stain. That is exactly what threatens the fabric the most – various stains that can occur at different times. 

Ideal Carpet Cleaning Tips

It is important to educate yourself on effective stain removal. Otherwise, you risk damaging the carpet, if you take the wrong steps to clean the mess, or use the wrong product. Carpet fibres are delicate, and if you wish to restore them after encountering a stain, you need to follow a few specific tips, regardless of the type of stain: 

Clear the excess as soon as possible 

Before you do anything else, you want to remove the excess substance right away. Whether it be liquid, or perhaps some sort of solid waste, speed is of the essence. Get a spoon and scrape off any excess from the carpet. Blot away the extra liquid – you do this by pressing a clean towel or cloth onto the stain. Work your way from the outside of the stain towards the centre, in order to prevent it from spreading. Blotting means no rubbing! If you rub too much, you will end up helping the stain set in quicker and damage the carpet fibres. 

Carpet Stain

Apply a stain remover 

If you have a carpet stain remover, use it now. Make sure to read the instructions before that carefully, as it can be harmful to the fibres otherwise. If you don’t have a specialised solution, you can mix one on your own – 1tsp. dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water and a quarter teaspoon white vinegar. Just don’t apply too much of the solution, as you don’t want to over-wet the area. 

Blot the area again 

Once you have applied the stain cleaning solution, it is time to blot the area again. Use an absorbent clean cloth and blot from the outside of the stained area. Repeat till the solution no longer transfers to the cloth. If you want to dry the area, cover it with layer of paper towels, applying weight on them. Change them till they no longer get wet. 

How to remove some of the most common carpet stains – a more detailed guide: 

Stain Remover

Juice or wine 

Whether it be fruit juice, white or red wine, you want to use club soda. The idea is that the carbonated drink will break down the liquid and make it easier to blot away with a clean microfiber cloth. 


If the chocolate has melted and you cannot scrape it off, apply a bag full of ice cubes, in order to freeze it. When it is solid, you can better remove it. Afterwards, mix a tsp of liquid dish soap and a cup of water. Apply on the stain with a cloth and blot the area till the stain is no longer visible. 

Tea and coffee 

A solution of 2 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp. dish soap works well against this sort of stain. Apply on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse with water and blot away. If you need to, you can repeat, till the stain is gone. 


Again, you want to harden the wax, before trying to remove it. A dry-solvent carpet cleaner product works well for this kind of stain. 


Clean with cold water and club soda. The idea is to use cold solution, because blood coagulates with heat and makes it nearly impossible to clean. 

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