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4 basic tips for carpet cleaning and maintenance

When you buy a carpet, you always feel excited and glad that your room has finally acquired that warm and welcoming look. Carpets are essential part of every home’s interior, so it makes sense to invest in a good one.

However, there is a less glamorous side to owning a carpet in your home. It is only revealed in time, when your carpet starts looking dull and shabby thanks to the accumulated dust in its fibres. The only remedy is to invest time and effort in carpet maintenance and cleaning, because that is the way to preserve the carpet piece as time goes by. Luckily, the basic maintenance you need to do is pretty simple and is only a matter of familiarising yourself with what needs to be done.vacuum-cleaning

  • Regular vacuum cleaning – cleaning your carpet on a weekly basis with a vacuum cleaner is of utmost importance. Considering that a carpet can hold enormous amounts of dust (almost equal to its weight), there is no reason to neglect vacuuming and postpone this otherwise important task. Invest your money in a good enough vacuum cleaner and then find the time to clean every week, or at the very least once every two weeks. That will take care of most of the dust, dirt and other solid particles that make their way in the carpet and soil it over time.

  • Proper stain removal – if you see your carpet stained, it is important to address the issue in the appropriate manner. It is only natural if you want to rush with a sponge and rub the spill, but that is a sure way to ruin the carpet. Rubbing will only embed the stain deeper and make it impossible to remove. What you need to do is blot the stain, which means applying light pressure with a clean cloth or a towel. The goal is to transfer the stain from the carpet onto the cloth/towel. You may need to use the aid of a specialised solution to aid your efforts.
  • Professional carpet cleaning – regular vacuuming and treating stains properly will only get your carpets this far. Every now and then you need to hire professionals for a more thoroughBasic tips for carpet cleaning and maintenance cleaning. Steam cleaning, which most carpet cleaning companies utilise, is a method that removes deeply ingrained dirt that even the most powerful vacuum cleaners cannot tackle. Because of its effectiveness, you can contact cleaners to use this method on your carpet twice a year and you will see a notable difference right away. Not only will it look good, but also be free of all dangerous allergens and be a safe place for your children to play on.
  • Keep dirt at bay – it is not possible to keep your carpets clean at all times, but at least you can implement some preventive measures for this task. One such is placing a good door mat for people to wipe their feet off. Furthermore, you can be strict about people entering your home with their shoes off, which is another measure that will contribute to less solid particles like dust and dirt on your carpets.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are many factors and strategies you can utilise, but the basics are just as important. Without them, your carpet will lose its beauty and become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. You don’t want that at home, do you?

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