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5 carpet stains you have to deal with when living with children

Living with children evidently feels challenging at times. The little rascals seem to create a mess wherever they go, regardless of your attempts to minimise the trouble. One of the likely areas that is going to have to endure most is your carpet. The most important thing to remember the next time you see a stain with a child origin on your carpet is that your kids are human and that the stain itself is treatable. Following is a guide that will show you a few examples of common stains on the carpet you can expect to encounter when living with children and ways to deal with the situation:

  • Chocolate – everybody knows that chocolate is one of the most favourite treats of your children. It sure is one of life’s little pleasures, which they will fall in love with. You will not like it when a piece of chocolate melts on your carpet, however. Before you treat the area, you need to blot up as much of the chocolate as possible. Next, mix a quarter teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent with a cup of warm water and use a cloth to apply on the stained area. Work the fabric into the stain and be careful to work from the outside of the mark towards the centre. Let it stay for about 10 minutes and then dry.
  • Carpet Cleaning Stains TreatmentChewing gum – gum stuck in the carpet is nothing new, especially if your children love this treat. To expel the sticky substance from the area, you should first freeze it with an ice cube. Just put an ice cube on the gum and hold it there for a minute. Once the gum is hard, you can pull it from the fibres, but be careful not to tear them.
  • Juice – when your carpet acquires one such stain, you must quickly blot up the excess liquid. The goal is to remove as much of the liquid as possible before it causes further harm. Once you have absorbed most of it, it is time to apply this solution: water, soap and vinegar. Let it stay on the area for about 10 minutes and then blot with a dry towel.
  • Crayons – your children might be feeling creative and put their drawing skills to the test on the carpet. Baking soda on a sponge is all you will need to remove the marks. You can also use a warm iron over a towel to remove the stains.
  • Blood – if your children hurt themselves and there is blood on the carpet, you need not to despair. Removing the stain is a matter of using cold water and dishwashing detergent. Apply it on the stain, let it sit and then soak up with a clean cloth.

Now that you know how to deal with the most common stains of child origin, you can better manage the condition of your carpets.

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