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April 20, 2022
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Eco-Friendly Solutions for Carpet Cleaning You Can Try at Home

Eco Friendly Solutions For Carpet Cleaning You Can Try At Home

Even though there are many eco-friendly cleaners and detergents to use nowadays, you can find alternative solutions if they don’t do it for you. The following examples are here to give you safe and efficient carpet cleaning solutions for your individual needs. You can spend less and have a great, environmentally-friendly recipe and methods to solve the issue.

Best Eco-Friendly Solutions for Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

You can use a steamer to clean your carpet, as that is one of the fastest and best ways to keep killing bacteria nestled deeper into the fibres. You also won’t have to worry about using toxic chemicals when you’re cleaning with steam. All you need is:Steam Clean

2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

¼ cup white distilled vinegar

½ cup hydrogen peroxide

A few drops of essential oil

Mix the ingredients into a small bowl and stir them up until they have blended well. The essential oil isn’t necessary in all cases, but it will make your detergent smell nicer. Pour the mixture into the steamer’s container, fill it up with water and shake it up to allow the solution to dilute. Turn on the steamer, run it over the carpet and get to work. Once you’ve covered the whole area, throw away the liquid from inside the container and run a cycle with clean water to rinse the residue of the solution on your carpet.

Making Carpet Freshener

This is a great way to prepare a recipe that removes all foul odours from your carpet safely and quickly. Use it to get rid of cigarette smells, pet and cooking odours and more. It’s a gentle solution that gets the job done. You need the following:

1 cup of borax

1 cup of baking soda

A few drops of essential oil

You should mix the ingredients and add the essential oil. Stir things up well and sprinkle the powder on the rug directly. Use a soft brush and spread the mixture evenly all over the carpet. Let it sit and do its magic for about half an hour. The powdered substances are great at absorbing odours, but the essential oil is an optional step. Once that’s done, simply vacuum the carpet and all traces of powder and you’re done.

Refreshing the Colours of Your CarpetCarpet Clean

Bring back the fresh looks of your carpet even after you’ve done a thorough cleaning. You can use this simple recipe to create a solution for your problem. Pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into the water container of your steamer and add water to top it off. Steam clean your carpet, let it dry off well and open the windows to dissipate the scent of vinegar in an hour or two.

Foam Cleaner Made Safe for Colours

If you’re worried that some of the home cleaning mixes may cause the colours of your carpet to bleed, you can make this colour-protecting detergent instead:

1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar

½ teaspoon ammonia

3 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

2 cups of cold water

Combine all those ingredients into a bowl and mix them well. Pour the liquid into a foaming dispenser container, or use an egg beater to make them foam up. Apply the resulting foam to your carpet and use a sponge to gently blot the surface. The foam will slowly start getting dirty. After a few minutes, you can rinse the sponge and squeeze it; it should be almost completely dry. Blot the carpet again to remove any excess residue from the cleaner you’re using. The rug may be slightly damp when you; ‘re done, but it will dry fast if you let some fresh air in. Once dry, make sure you vacuum the carpet to remove any excess remains of the cleaner or dust and dirt.

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