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4 tips to help you keep carpets clean for longer

keep carpet clean longer

If you have just bought a new carpet, you deserve to be congratulated. Carpets can really enhance the looks of any room, as they are often considered focal points of the interior. One thing you must not forget is that carpet cleaning and maintenance is needed to ensure the new purchase stays in top shape.

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned, you probably know the basics. However, what you may use to expand your knowledge with is some extra info on how to actually keep your carpet clean for longer. The following tips are specifically aimed to help you with this:

  • Regular vacuuming – one of the simplest ways to ensure your carpet doesn’t accumulate a large portion of dust and other solid particles is to vacuum it regularly. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner and invest 30 minutes to get the dust out of your carpets every two weeks. In case your carpets see increased traffic most of the time, you should vacuum every week. If you skip this task, it won’t be long before your carpets look shabby and pale.
  • Don’t let stains linger – stains are a carpet’s worst enemy, but they aren’t that much of a threat if you handle them quickly. Whatever the stains is – wine, food, blood, mud, ink – there is always a solution that works well. Sure, some stains are tough and may take several attempts, but you should always try to deal with the problem immediately. Remember that the longer you leave a stain on the carpet, the less chance you have of actually cleaning it later, even with the help of professional carpet cleaners. Educate yourself online what works against the different types of stains and act in time should an accident occur.
  • Stop dirt in its tracks – one of the best ways to ensure your carpet stays clean for longer is to limit the amount of dust and dirt that enters your home. How can you do that? It is rather simple actually: make sure you have a good door mat in place. People coming in should wipe their feet there, leaving the dirt outside, where it belongs. In addition, you should implement a strict no-shoe-inside policy. Everyone coming in should leave their shoes at the front door. Give them slippers instead.
  • vacuum cleaningDon’t forget about professional cleaning – even if you follow all of the aforementioned tips, your carpet is still going to become dirty at some point. The one proven way to remedy it is to call a carpet cleaning company. Such companies utilise professional gear and methods that always get the carpet back to its perfectly clean state. The method of steam cleaning is regarded as eco-friendly and highly effective. For this reason, you will do your carpets a huge favour if you call cleaners at least twice a year.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you need to consider all of the aforementioned tips, if you wish to enjoy clean and sanitised environment at home.

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