Top carpet cleaning methods used by companies
Top carpet cleaning methods used by companies
February 21, 2018
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April 16, 2018
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The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companies

The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companies

So you have decided to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, as vacuuming alone doesn’t cut it. One thing you will immediately notice is that you have plenty of options. Companies nowadays are armed with advanced tools and have developed methods that can get your carpet to a perfectly clean state. However, the means of accomplishing this are different. Make sure you consult with the company on what type of carpet cleaning is best suitable for your carpet.

Only then can you reap the rewards of such service in full:

  • The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companiesCarpet shampooing – shampooing is a method that was more popular in the past than it is now. When encapsulation became a viable cleaning method, shampooing took a step back, though companies still use it. It is essential for the company using this method to be an experienced one. That is because sometimes of the wet foam left behind. Not only does this take longer to dry, but also becomes sticky in time, mostly contributing to a heavily soiled carpet. Ideally, there will be little to no foam left behind after your carpet’s cleaned.
  • Encapsulation – the method of foam encapsulation utilises synthetic detergents that later crystalise into powder as they dry. In the process, loosened dirt particles within the carpet fibres get encapsulated into the powder as it is applied. After that, the process concludes with vacuuming of the solution. As a result, the carpet dries faster. There is also less residue left on the mat, which makes it an eco-friendly cleaning option. It is an excellent pick for medium-soiled rugs but may struggle against heavily-soiled carpets.
  • Hot water extraction – also referred to as steam carpet cleaning, this method is probably the most well-known. The cleaning process involves some type of cleaning agent applied on soiled surface. The carpet is then agitated with a brush and rinsed. Once the cleaning solution has settled, the carpet is washed with the aid of specialized equipment and left to dry. There is some downtime associated with getting your carpet cleaned this way, as you won’t be able to use it right away. However, it is still a much-preferred method for cleaning.Carpet Cleaning Services London
  • Dry carpet cleaning – one of the latest developed methods for carpet sanitation is dry carpet cleaning. It uses some cleaning compound or powder, applied to the bottom part with the aid of a counter-rotating brush. As the carpet fibre opens up, the mixture settles inside, essentially acting as a microsponge. The result is that the dissolved dirt gets absorbed and can, later on, be easily removed.
  • Bonnet cleaning – this is the go-to method when quick surface cleaning is the goal. Carpet bonneting mainly addresses the top part of the carpet fibre with a motorised machine and some cleaning solution. It is a popular way of cleaning carpets in hotels, as it provides a quick fix for heavy traffic areas.

Each of these carpet cleaning methods has advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one you think will be of most use for your place.

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