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4 scotchgarding advantages you should know about

scotchgarding advantages

If you are like most people, you envy those who manage to keep their carpets spot-free without much effort. You must have asked yourself the question: how do they manage that? The secret is rather simple and it has been known to professionals for a long time – scotchgarding. Scotchgarding is a technique, which involves the application of a special protective coat on rugs and carpets. It serves as a seal against stains and also gives the carpet or rug piece a wonderful new look. It is usually more than enough to guarantee your carpet looks amazing. These 2 scotchgarding advantages mean you should take advantage of that service.

But in any case, there are even more scotchgarding advantages:
  • You don’t need to replace your carpets – sometimes, when a stain appears on your carpet, you need to replace it. That is not cost-effective at all and you will be more than upset if it happens too often. Some carpets and rugs are quite expensive, so it definitely pays to protect them. Especially if you have children and pets, or you organise events at your place on a regular basis. These are risk factors, which you shouldn’t take lightly. This is one of the scotchgarding advantages which saves you the money and time to get a new carpet.
  • Saves you some cleaning effort and worry – while it is true that not all stains spell doom for carpet fibres, they are pretty annoying to deal with. Certain stains require specialised solutions and often times more knowledge on how to address. Let’s not forget about having to keep a cool head and not rush into scrubbing and rubbing, as it can make matters worse. By scotchgarding your carpets, you can reduce the hassle of cleaning various stains, as that problem becomes easily dealt with.
  • Keep your carpet looking like new – if you like to look at magazines and ads showing perfect looking carpets and rugs, you need to consider how you can keep the ones you have at home that affordable carpet cleaningway. Scotchgarding is a wonderful solution in that regard. If you love the look of your carpet after a visit by professional carpet cleaners, you are going to love the fact that adding a protective coat can preserve this look between visits. It is a wonderful thing having a beautiful carpet, which stays that way for long.
  • You can save money – although you pay for the added protection to your carpet, you can think of it as an investment. In adding that product, you guarantee your carpet will survive longer, even if there are accidental spills and stains. If you look at it this way, you need to consider all the money and potential replacement of the carpet you can save yourself. All of that costs money, which unprotected carpets may need to pay.

The bottom line is that scotchgarding is an extra you should ask your carpet cleaning company about. It comes with many upsides, which are not to be ignored. Consider that the next time you contact the cleaners and add scotchgarding to the list of services they do for you.

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