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September 29, 2015
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Have you ever tried to get rid of coffee, wine or blood stains from your carpet? If you have tried it before, you probably know how hard it really is. In fact, most of you might have given up the concept of cleaning the carpet yourself and consulted pros. But there are many ways of cleaning a carpet. This post highlights key tips from experienced Carpet Cleaners London.

Although different stains require different methods to clean them, you have no time to waste once you spot a stain on the carpet. Use a dry clean cloth to blot the carpet without rubbing it. If you rub it, the stain could become an enduring stain. A blood stain is among the hardest to remove. If you spot such a stain, check to see if it has started to clump. If so, get a dull-form of instrument just like a butter knife and take it off first. Then, try to mark the spot with soapy water solution. Cold water is highly recommended for blood stains. But you could use a cup of warm water combined with a 1/4-cup of dishwashing liquid to blot any any other kind of stain.


These tips are from professional Carpet Cleaners London, that’s why it’s best to stick to them. You can call these professionals on 020 3819 5743.

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