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How to care for different types of carpets?

When it comes to vacuum cleaning, you know you need to invest weekly care in it. No matter what your carpet is made of, it will accumulate some dust and dirt, which you shouldn’t allow to accumulate there.

To be effective in your efforts, you will do well to learn more about the different types of fibres that make your carpet. Only then can you provide the best care for the carpet and prevent potential problems and even damage. In general, the main styles of carpet have to do with the length of the pile and the twist level of the pile yarn.

Here are some of the most commonly found carpets in homes and how to clean them:

  • Take Care For Different CarpetsBerber carpet (loop pile) – this type of carpet comes in two forms: loop pile style and cut pile. The carpet is made if tightly woven loops, which provide a flecked or mottled appearance. The best thing about it is that it is among the easiest types to clean, because of the loops. Thanks to them, the dirt cannot penetrate deep into the fabric. More importantly, the tight weave of such carpet also ensures some level of stain resistance. It is still essential to address a stain as soon as possible though. One of the more challenging aspects of carpet care has to do with pets. The animals may pick at the loops, causing snags.
  • Shag carpet (cut pile) – the extra-long pile tufts make this carpet stand out. They are very loosely packed, to create a more open construction than other types of carpet. Vacuuming this kind of carpet presents a bit of a challenge since the machine works as a big suction cup. The reason is simple: the density of the carpet prevents air circulation into the vacuum cleaner. What you can try is running your vacuum cleaner at lower power and cleaning more often to avoid the accumulation of dust.
  • Cord CarpetFrieze carpet (cut pile) – this is a type of carpet with very high twist level, causing the tuft to kink, presenting a curled appearance. They can hide footprints and vacuum marks better than any other type of carpet. This kind of carpet is hard-wearing, which makes it perfect for any high traffic area. Don’t let the seemingly clean carpet fool you though: the high twist can conceal dirt quite well. Don’t disregard proper vacuum cleaning.
  • Sisal/cord carpet (loop pile) – a heavily textured carpet, which has the look of a traditional plant fibre mat. It is much more comfortable than that though. Carpet care is simple enough and doesn’t differ from other types of loop pile carpets.
  • Cut and loop combination – this type of carpet uses both loops and cut pile. As a result, they often have intricate effects and patterns. The main problem is that such a carpet can acquire a worn-out look quicker than other carpets, as the longer fibres bend over the shorter fibres.

Now that you know more about different types of carpets, you can better care for the one you have at home.

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