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Carpet care tips for pet dog owners

Your dog is a beloved member of the family, who should be treated with all the love and attention you can spare. The same goes for the carpet because sometimes dogs and carpets don’t mix well together. You need to stay on top of carpet cleaning and care if you wish to keep the item safe from harm. That doesn’t mean it needs to become a bother though. There are a few simple practices that you can adopt in that regard.

These will keep your carpet safe from harm:

  • Be prepared – don’t feel overconfident in training your dog to the point where accidents are unlikely. There is always the risk of finding urine or faeces stain on the carpet. This is a likely scenario with young dogs, but can also happen to older ones. You have to prepare for the worst by getting a cleaning product made specially to counter pet stains. Keep in mind these are the toughest stains, so it is best to educate yourself on how to treat them, should the need arise.
  • Pet Cleaning TipsGrooming your pet – one of the main issues you will need to deal with is dog hair. Many breeds have long fur, which sheds all over the place. As with many things, it is best to be preventive by grooming your dog on a regular basis. By grooming your pet, you will be able to catch most of the pet hair before it ends up on the upholstery, on your clothes or the carpet. When it comes to picking up the pet hair, use a wet rubber glove.
  • Clean their paws – dogs cannot help it – they walk on their four paws and collect a lot of dust, mud, allergens and all sorts of spoils. They cannot clean their paws on their own, so you need to step in. Keep a clean rag by the door and wipe their paws every time you take them for a walk. It is a simple enough act that will save your carpet from a lot of dust and other debris.
  • Place a mat where they lay – dogs prefer a single spot to rest. A lot of pet hair can accumulate there over time. That is why it is best to place a pet bed there. It is much easier just to shake that outside or wash it when it gets dirty than to clean the carpet underneath.
  • Be careful with the feeding area – dogs can be quite the messy eaters. It is a good idea to contain the mess by placing all of their food and water bowls on a mat. That will catch any unwanted spills and stains, which is much better than cleaning those off the carpet. Besides, it will keep the bowls in one place, so your dog doesn’t move them.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your carpet remains in top shape, even with a dog running around your home.

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