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How to make the most of vacuuming?

How to make the most of vacuuming?

How to Make The Most Of Vacuuming

While several available cleaning solutions can get rid of dust mites and annoying allergens from your home, not many of them compare to the simple act of vacuuming. A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in regards to carpet cleaning and sanitation.

There are multiple types of vacuum cleaners, some more expensive than others. However, it doesn’t matter what appliance you use, if you don’t use it properly. You need the right carpet cleaning technique to make the most of the vacuuming.

Here are few tips that you can use to clean like a pro:

  • Be a little preventive – even the best appliance is powerless against all of the dust and dirt that ends up inside your home on a daily basis. You have to be a little preventive about it. For instance, limit shoes inside the home: everyone that enters is expected to take their shoes off at the door. Place a mat in front so that people can wipe their feet. You will be surprised how much of a difference such measures make.
  • It is not enough to vacuum once – no vacuum is powerful enough to lift off all of the ingrained dirt, dust, pet hairs that end up on the carpet. You will need to go over some areas multiple times to ensure they are clean. Also, vacuum from various directions, this will ensure the spoils are collected from all sides.
  • Don’t clean with the bag full – you need to be more regular at changing the vacuum bag or emptying the canister if your vacuum doesn’t use a bag. Otherwise, you will just not be doing a very good job at cleaning the floors. Always keep an eye on how full the bag is and replace it when it gets about three-quarters of its volume full. 
  • Carpet Cleaning Service In LondonTreat stains on the spot – vacuum cleaners do not remove set stains. To deal with a stain, you should treat it immediately as it occurs. Acquire an effective spot cleaner for your type of carpet and use it to minimise the damage or call in the professional carpet cleaners.
  • Vacuum under furniture – the fact that furniture covers a large area of the carpet doesn’t mean that area is safe from dust and dirt. It doesn’t have to be every time you vacuum, but once every few months you should move furniture around to get the dust under it. It is a hard job, but there is no other way to clean carpets and floors properly.
  • Use the right setting – pretty much every vacuum cleaner out there has different settings, which you can adjust according to the surface you want to clean. A shaggy carpet requires a different approach to a hardwood floor for instance.

As you can see, vacuuming isn’t a no-brainer task you should get done within zero time. Instead, it should be a job you want to be good at because it determines the cleanliness of your home. The tips mentioned above can help you improve your vacuuming skills.

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