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How to best prepare your carpets for a professional clean

How to best prepare your carpets for a professional clean

How to best prepare your carpets for a professional clean

It is true that staying on top of your carpet cleaning needs can be troublesome at times. You may not have the time to address cleaning properly. Then, even if you do, vacuuming tends to leave some dust and dirt behind, which accumulates within the fibres. Resorting to a professional carpet cleaning firm is the way to go.

You may think that you can just welcome the cleaners in your home and be done with it. However, there are specific steps you must take to ensure the most of such visit. They will save you time, prevent any delays and accidents and also make the work of the experts easier. This will, in turn, benefit the outcome of the cleaning service.

Here is what you should do before the cleaners arrive:

  • Remove clutter – professional carpet cleaners utilise some gear and tools to get the job done. Hoses and cords will be strewn across the room. And it means items on the floor will get in the way and pose a hazard. Shoes, bags, vases, plants and such are best kept out of the way. Move all of that in a place cleaning technicians will not work in to ensure they have an easy time manoeuvring around the room with carpet.
  • Vacuum clean – while some companies do not require that you vacuum before they come, it is a good thing to do. That way you will remove the top layer of dust, leaving the particles within the fibres of the carpet vulnerable to the steam cleaner. It will make the outcome of the carpet cleaning service even better.
  • Remove furniture – if there is any area of your carpet that stands under furniture, it is recommended to remove it. Carpet cleaners are not licensed to displace any furniture items; they will only clean the carpet surface that is unobstructed. For this reason, you should move tables, chairs and even the sofa, if it stands on top of the carpet. That way the carpet will receive a thorough clean, which you will be able to feel.
  • Protect the corners – the experts are going to pull cords and hoses across the room. At times, these items are going to rub against the corners of the baseboards throughout the room. To avoid unwanted black marks caused by the friction, you can use painter’s tape where hoses and cords are going to rub. The corners and the base of the stairs are particularly vulnerable, so focus your taping efforts on them.
  • Keep pets away – to not cause stress to your pets; you should keep them contained in a room the service is not going to take place in. Ideally, you want to stay out of the home for the duration of the clean, to avoid causing them great discomfort. The loud noise of the carpet cleaning service can easily frighten dogs, cats and birds.

These steps are relatively easy to take, but they make a significant difference in the quality of service you are provided. Do invest some effort to prepare your home for the cleaners’ arrival and you will not be disappointed by the outcome.

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