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November 28, 2017
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4 common carpet stains and how to clean them

Carpet Cleaning TipsMaintaining your carpet clean and fresh at all times is necessary to ensure the piece lasts long enough. Usually, a carpet can last for good ten years, but if you ignore cleaning, that period is no longer than five. You wouldn’t want to buy a new carpet in just a few years’ time, do you?

Undoubtedly, stains present the biggest threat to your carpet. No matter how careful you are and how much you try, sooner or later an accident will strike. You can take the right steps to remove the stain that guarantees a positive outcome.

Here is what to do when faced with 4 common stains at home:

  • Pet stains – if you have included a new pet to the family members, you must be ready to face a few accidents. It takes time to properly train your four-legged companion to do their business where they should and not on the carpet. In the meantime, do your best to protect the carpet. The sooner you react in case of a pet stain, the better. If the stain is wet, blot up excess liquid. Don’t scrub and smear, as that will only spread the stain. If the stain has dried on the fibres, you must first moisten it. It is best to use a specific carpet cleaning product for this purpose. To deal with the odour, you can mix one part vinegar with one part warm water. Spray on the stain, let it sit a few minutes and then blot. A mix of hydrogen peroxide with mild dishwashing detergent works too.
  • Coffee stains – a brown spot on the carpet is not a pleasant thing to see. Approach such stain as usual, by blotting the area with a clean cloth. Common Carpet StainsIf the liquid is too much, replace the cloth often to avoid spreading the stain further. Next, apply a mix of water, vinegar and dish washing detergent, rinse with water and repeat if necessary. If your carpet is a Polypropylene type, it may respond well to a mix of bleach and water.
  • Ink stains – ink stains are tricky to remove. A quick response is almost a must; otherwise, the chances of removal are slim. What you need to do is dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and dab the stained area. Don’t rub and scrub, as that will only spread the stain. Show a little persistence, as ink is not easy to clean.
  • Blood stains – there is usually a lot of unrest and stress associated with blood stains, but the reality is that they aren’t that tough to handle. You just have to remember to use cold water, as warm temperatures coagulate blood and make it nearly impossible to clean. Mix two teaspoons of grease-fighting detergent in a spritz bottle and apply. Blot with a clean cloth and see if you need to apply the mix again.

Now that you know how to treat the most common stains, you should feel better about your carpet and more readily face any emergencies.

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