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4 common carpet stains and how to clean them
January 11, 2018
The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companies
The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companies
March 15, 2018
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Top carpet cleaning methods used by companies

Top carpet cleaning methods used by companies

You may feel like carpet cleaning is the most important action to take in order to preserve your carpet at home and you are right. With proper care, a rug can last much more than when you leave it to fend for itself.

You may even want to resort to booking a professional carpet cleaning service, because of the specialised solution and the time it saves. However, not all services they offer are the same. Every company employs different methods so you should keep that in mind.

Here is what you can expect from professionals:

Top carpet cleaning methods used by companies

  • Hot water extraction – you will also find this referred to as steam carpet cleaning. In essence, this method uses hot water to agitate carpet fibres and remove the dirt that is on them. The technique usually requires a specific solution to be used on soiled surfaces, which is then brushed and rinsed off. Since the method involves moisture, the carpet must be left to dry before it can be used again. You need to keep this downtime of drying in mind, especially if you are using this service for your office. In that sense, it is a good idea to utilise such a method in the later afternoon, so that you can use it again in the morning after it has had enough time to dry out.
  • Shampooing – shampooing carpets has become somewhat of an outdated method, now that there are more efficient ways of sanitation. The main issue many people have with it is that the carpet is left with plenty of wet foam within the fibres, which takes an extra-long time to dry out. That is not the only drawback – the residue becomes somewhat sticky afterwards since no rinse takes place. You may want to consider this cleaning method only when no other alternative is available.
  • Encapsulation – foam encapsulation features synthetic detergents, which crystalise into foam form when they dry. The dirt particles within the fibres are encapsulated into the powder solution, which is then vacuumed/brushed when it dries out. This carpet cleaning method is the successor of carpet shampooing. The amount of chemical residue on the carpet is minimal, therefore ranking this method as a reliable, eco-friendly option.
  • Bonnet CleaningBonnet cleaning – this method is used when the surface part of the carpet requires more cleaning. It is performed with a motorised machine with a spinning pad and a cleaning solution to deal with the dirt and spoils on the carpet surface. Bonnet cleaning is a fantastic way of cleaning very high-traffic areas, such as hotels and carpeted offices. There is not much moisture involved so that the areas can be used immediately. The thing to consider with this method is that it will leave deeply ingrained spoils inside the carpet, which means you will likely need to follow up with another form of cleaning.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – features specific compound, which is applied to the bottom part of the carpet with a specialised machine. This mixture is typically made of some biodegradable material, which works the same way as a micro-sponge to absorb dissolved dirt.

Each of these carpet cleaning methods can be used to restore your carpet to a great condition. It is up to you to decide which one serves you best. You can consult with a cleaning company and then make an informed decision.

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