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8 unexpected ways to use your vacuum cleaner

8 unexpected ways to use your vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly your best friend when it comes to any form of carpet cleaning. Whether you have a big or small area to cover with it, the machine is always at the ready, prepared to remove dust and other contaminants from the fibres.

However, you should know that a vacuum cleaner is much more versatile than that. It is a tool to use around your home in various ways. Some of them you may have never considered, while others are pretty straightforward.

Here is a quick list for inspiration:

Use The Most Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

  • Deodorise your home – if you saturate a cotton ball with your preferred essential oil and drop it into the bag or canister of your vacuum cleaner, you will soon enough feel its refreshing fragrance. As air courses through the machine, the scent will be released inside the room. This is a great way to deodorise the place.
  • Keep allergens at bay – when the weather is warm enough, you will find that windowsills and doors have become a hotspot for pollen. You can use the vacuum cleaner’s brush to clear the windowsills and the door track before that pollen makes its way inside your home. You can also clean the window screens this way.
  • Remove fleas – did you know that you don’t have to buy chemicals to get rid of fleas. According to many studies, vacuuming the area kills over 90% of them. Do a thorough run on all carpets and rugs you suspect are infested.
  • Icing out dents on the carpet – if you keep heavy furniture on the carpet for prolonged periods of time, you will find that there are dents in the fibres. To fix this, place ice cubes there and let them melt. Vacuum the moisture and notice how the carpet returns its shape to normal.
  • Remove crumbs – some crumbs are easy to catch – those on the dinner table and under it, for example. However, there are certain areas that crumbs end up into, which are very difficult to reach by hand. In that case, use the crevice attachment.
  • Vacuum Cleaning TipsClean the washing machine’s lint screen – cleaning this one part of your washing machine is very important, or else it could get damaged. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean the lint screen. Conclude by attaching the crevice tool and removing any leftovers in the lint cavity.
  • Remove stuck crumbs from the keyboard – crumbs stuck under keyboard buttons are just part of the nasties you can find there, especially if you eat food while on the PC. Use the crevice tool and run it across the keyboard several times. For further cleaning service, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and brush between keys.
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances – to keep your fridge in top shape, you should clean it on the inside and the outside. Using the vacuum cleaner for such a task is a smart thing to do.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses your vacuum cleaner possess. It is up to you to make extra use of this carpet cleaning tool.

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