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Vacuum cleaning mistakes you should correct

Your vacuum cleaner is your best ally in the war against dust, dirt, allergens and everything else that falls in the category ‘spoils within the carpet fibres.’ But the fact is if you want to make good use of the machine, you need to know how to clean well with it. Don’t let the seemingly careless activity fool you: vacuuming requires some expertise and know-how, in order to be effective. Otherwise, you’d be doing a poor job and just wasting your time. In order to become a better cleaner, you should be aware of certain mistakes and avoid them at all costs. Only then can you hope to do a good job at carpet cleaning.

Here is what you should avoid doing with the vacuum cleaner:  

  • Vacuuming in a single direction only – a lot of homeowners are guilty of making this mistake. The main problem with vacuuming in a single direction is that it only tackles a minor portion of dust on the surface. In order to tackle more of the spoils, you need to vacuum in both directions. That way no particles will remain hidden within the pile.
  • Disregarding vacuum cleaner’s attachments – the vacuum cleaner is such a functional tool, if only you use its attachments properly. There is a dusting brush and crevice tool that make a lovely addition to your regular vacuum cleaning session. These two not only make it possible to address hard-to-reach areas but also allow for cleaning of the upholstery, baseboards, lampshades and even light fixtures. It’s important to address these areas because they become a storehouse for dust and germs.
  • Vacuuming Cleaning TipsVacuuming in a rush – sure, you can take just a little time to go over the carpet. This may seem like a good idea, especially if you are no fan of vacuuming, but truth be told, you won’t be doing an effective job. In order for the vacuum to pick up the most dust and spoils, you have to take your time and run it slowly over each area of the carpet.
  • You only vacuum if the carpet looks dirty – most carpets look clean on a first glance, but do not be fooled – there is a lot of dust hiding within the fibres. You should never wait till the carpet looks like a mess, in order to clean it. Instead, make it a habit to vacuum once every week, in order to keep dust at minimum.
  • Vacuuming before dusting – to be able to remove dust from your home more effectively, you need to learn the best sequence of doing chores. In this case, you should always dust around, before vacuuming. If you do the vacuum first, dust from your work will fall on the carpet again, rendering your previous efforts useless.
  • You take too long to clean the bags – for bagged vacuum cleaners, you have to be careful not to leave the bag for too long without cleaning it. A bagged vacuum cleaner will work effectively when it is half-full at the most. If you wish to pick up the most dust, you should keep a close eye on the bag so that the vacuum cleaner works at its best.
  • You vacuum in the same pattern – dust particles are tiny and they can often hide in the pile. In order to get them out, you should alternate the vacuuming patter so that the cleaner can work from every angle. First, go over the carpets in a horizontal pattern, then switch to vertical strokes. It is as easy as that.

Now that you know what the most common mistakes of vacuuming are, you can correct them. This will make a huge difference to the amount of dust present on your carpet.

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