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The most common carpet cleaning methods used by companies
March 15, 2018
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May 29, 2018
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5 tips for taking care of your vacuum

5 tips for taking care of your vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is largely in charge of keeping your carpet free from dust and a whole lot of other annoying allergens. This workhorse of your household sees its fair share of carpet cleaning over time, and it only makes sense for you to care and attend to it. You will do well to think of your vacuum cleaner as an investment. As such, it needs to be preserved for as long as possible.

You can do your part in that regard by minding a few important tips:

  • Vacuuming TipsEmpty the bag often enough – one of the most important things you can do in regards to keeping your vacuum in good shape is to empty the bag often enough. Don’t wait till it is all the way full, but empty it when it is 2/3 full. Any more than that and the vacuum cleaner will simply not work properly. Even worse, you will find that instead of picking up dust and debris, the vacuum cleaner is returning it in to the room, just because there is no more space left in the bag.
  • Empty the bin often enough – for vacuum cleaner models that come with no bag; you need also be mindful of how full the bin is. A lot of these vacuums have a clear container for you to see just how full it is. Even though there may be some space available, the consensus among carpet cleaners is that the bin should be cleaned after each use of the vacuum.
  • Inspect the filters and hoses – most of the advanced model vacuum cleaners come with filters attached to help purify the air. Their role is to catch the particles that could otherwise end up indoors. If your cleaner has a filter, best make sure you clean it and replace it periodically. Rinse plastic filters and give paper and fabric ones a good shake. It is essential to keep a filter clean, especially a HEPA one. If you don’t do that, you could be making the air indoors worse.Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Check the hose – at times the vacuum cleaner may snatch onto some small objects, such as toy parts and socks. You can usually tell when that is the case when you notice the vacuum cleaner is just not working right. Peep into the hole to see if there is any obstruction visible. If you see anything, stick a hook in there to remove it.
  • Take it for repairs – at times you may feel like the vacuum cleaner is not in its best shape. Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can take it for repairs. It may be only a small problem that needs to be looked into. In any case, you should always do this if you feel like the cleaner is not performing at its best.

All of these tips are meant to teach you how to take care of your vacuum cleaner. Thanks to them, you can perform better carpet cleaning service at home.

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