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7 carpet stains you can expect with children around

Having children running around your home is heart-warming. No matter what age they are, you will love them with all your being, and you will cherish every moment of them growing up. But let’s be real – it is not all so good when you consider the fact that younger children, in particular, could create some considerable messes in your home. And sometimes these messes end up on the carpet. 

Remember that your children are human and that things like that happen. Then, you will do well to familiarise yourself with the most common stains when living with children and deal with the issue so that it doesn’t leave a mark on your carpet. 


Chocolate can make your children hyperactive, and it won’t be long before they drop some of that sugary goodness on the carpet. The situation gets even worse when said piece of chocolate melts on the carpet because you didn’t even know it was there. First, you have to blot and scoop up the residue to the best of your ability and vacuum the remaining dry particles. Next, you should mix quarter tsp. mild dish soap with a cup of warm water and apply it to a cloth. Work the fabric from the outside of the mark to the centre. Allow the solution 5 minutes to work and then blot. 

Coloured drinksCommon Carpet Stains

Children fall for all things in bright colours, including drinks. And while them sporting a green or yellow tongue from such drink is a reason for laughs and giggles, it is something else to see the same colours on the carpet. You need to immediately dry the area with a towel and apply a solution of soap, water and white vinegar. Allow 5 minutes to work and then blot. 


First help your children with the wound that has caused the blood, and then apply cold water. Remember that blood coagulates with warm water, so avoid it. 


If your children have decided that their notebooks and other drawing canvasses aren’t enough, they may take their art to the carpet. Blotting ink is important since any scrubbing will easily set it within the fibres. 

Chewing gum

If your children drop a piece of gum on the carpet, you need not pull it immediately. What you need to do is apply an ice cube on it and leave it there for a few minutes. It will harden the gum, making it easy to pluck from the carpet fibres. If you need to do a little scraping, make sure to do so carefully so as not to harm the fabric. 


If children zoom right past you and you end up spilling your coffee cup, you need not worry about it. Blot up the area and dilute the stain with clean water. Keep blotting until you see the stain slowly shrink. If there is still staining on the carpet, apply some shaving foam cream on the remaining stain and rub lightly with a cloth. 


Children are very creative and only wish to impress you with their skill in the art. But if they try to do so by drawing on the carpet, you will end up with a crayon stain. Wet a sponge and apply some baking soda on it. Then, wipe out the marks with it. Running a hot iron also works well for this kind of stain. 

Following this guide will easily ensure that you stay on top of many of the carpet cleaning issues that arise with children around. 

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