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Learn more about the types of vacuum cleaners

Learn more about the types of vacuum cleaners

Hunting for the best vacuum cleaner is not like going to the grocery store to pick up a few things. It requires some careful thought about your carpet cleaning needs and what machine best serves them. Remember, buying a vacuum cleaner is an investment, and as such needs to be made carefully, or else you end up wasting your money.

To get the best vacuum cleaner for your home, you have to understand the basics of each type. They all come with certain pros and cons, so it is up to you to assess the situation and pick one that is best suited for the job.

Here is a quick rundown of different vacuum cleaners:

  • Vacuum Cleaners TypesUpright – one of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners out there and perhaps the one that you associate with the word ‘vacuum cleaner’. The main reason why people are so attracted to these machines is that they are quite powerful and can really pick up a lot of dust. They pick up even deeply ingrained particles, which are otherwise almost impossible to remove unless you are doing a deep carpet clean. On top of that, upright vacuum cleaners are relatively easy to understand and come with easy-to-use accessories. The major drawback is that they aren’t the best tool to use on stairs, as they are rather bulky and can give you a hard time when transporting around.
  • Handheld – are you tired of dragging your vacuum cleaner all the way to the car? Then a handheld vacuum cleaner is just the right tool for you. This is the ideal vacuum to get into narrow spaces that accumulate a ton of dust but are difficult to reach with a standard vacuum. Also, you can really put it to good use when cleaning your car. However, it would be a bad idea to rely solely on a handheld vacuum for general cleaning of your home, as that would take you a ton of time.
  • Carpet Care Tips AdviseStick – stick vacuums don’t boast a lot of power, but they make up for that in allowing easy access to narrow places. They are also great to use hardwood floors, carpets and rugs. This type of vacuum cleaner offers a long stick handle, which is of slender design. It is easy to store it, even if you don’t have a lot of free space.
  • Canister – canister vacuums are the perfect mix of upright models and stick vacuums. They pack a lot of power, but also feature a slender frame. They can be used to clean not just carpeted surfaces, but also hardwood floors.
  • Robo-vacuums – robot vacuum cleaners have become quite popular in recent years, mostly because they save you the effort of vacuuming. They are able to roam around your home and clean the surface, even without your personal supervision. They can tuck into places you wouldn’t be able to reach with your regular vacuum cleaner, such as under the couch.

Evidently, you have got quite a few options for buying a vacuum cleaner. Try out the one that you think best serves your carpet cleaning needs.

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