Carpet Cleaning Service London

Carpet Cleaning Service London

Carpet cleaning is our speciality. Vacuum cleaning at least once or twice a week is good for getting rid of most surface dirt on a carpet that receives a lot of traffic but it is not enough.

A brand new carpet can improve the overall feel of any room, making it warm and welcoming.  But how can you get the same feeling from a tired old carpet?

However, if it’s constantly being walked on, eventually it will get soiled and the colours will dull, or the carpet will fall victim to a nasty spill that will inevitably leave a stain behind.  This is when you’ll need to hire a professional cleaning company to clean your carpet.

Our specialists will provide:

  • Expert knowledge of the best carpet cleaning method for different fibres
  • Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) or Dry Cleaning techniques
  • Gentle services that cause no damage
  • No residues left behind that can attract more dirt
  • High standards of carpet cleaning service London every time
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, safe for your family and pets
  • Revitalised colour in the carpet fibres
  • Prolonged life for your old carpet

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Delivered by Expert London Carpet Cleaners

Regular cleaning of the carpet is very important not only to maintain the beauty of your carpet, but also for removing dust and other allergens that could cause health problems.

Carpets are expensive to buy and difficult to install, so they represent a significant investment in your home. We will deep clean the entire carpet using the very best equipment and cleaning products available.

Steam cleaning allows the carpet cleaner to penetrate right down to the base of your carpet without wetting the backing or sub flooring. This technique is very effective in removing soil, bacteria, pollen and even pests.

  • Drying usually takes about four hours for most carpets.
  • However, the carpet cleaners can provide air movers to speed up the process if necessary.
  • Dry cleaning uses no-moisture foam that is just as effective and used on more delicate carpet fibres.
  • London Carpet Cleaners use top of the range cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products manufactured by Prochem.
  • Our specialists are highly motivated, experienced and fully trained in carpet and upholstery cleaning services.
  • Check out our cleaning prices.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and all our work is completed to a high standard. If you need more information about our carpet cleaning service London, please feel free to call us on 020 3819 5743 or get in touch online.